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Physique Development Program (PDP)

The PDP ( Physique Development Program ) is probably one of the hardest training programs you could undertake. This is a no holds barred approach designed to give you maximum results. A fully customised and tailored nutrition and training program will be created for you. 

If you are ready to commit to changing your physique then this is the program for you.


Hybrid training is a mix of 1-1 personal training and online coaching. This blend gives you the best of all worlds to help you get maximum results.  Adding in online coaching allows for accountability and gives consistent feedback to help asses your progress. This is vital to produce your best results. 

When it comes to getting results training is only one element to it. What you do outside of the gym is even more important than the actual training itself. This is where most people fall down. BUT... having a knowledgeable and experienced coach with a track record of getting results, you can be sure that you’re getting what you are paying for.


  • Full tailored nutrition plan that changes throughout dependant on your changes in physique.

  • Periodised training program tailored to you. 

  • Supplementation protocols if needed.

  • Full email and WhatsApp support / Monday - Saturday

  • Hybrid Online coaching method

  • Online tracking profile

  • 1-3 x 1-1 sessions per week